Pricing Plans

100 LR Mix

70 USA Likes
30 USA Repost
Some Plays [value $1] free
Delivery Time: 1 Day

300 LR Mix

200 USA Likes
100 USA Repost
SC Newbie [Value $3] free
Delivery Time: 2 Day

1000 LR Mix

700 USA Likes
300 USA Repost
SC Newbie x2[Value $6] free
Delivery Time: 4 Day

3000 LR Mix

2000 USA Likes
1000 USA Repost
SC Newbie Plus [Value $8] free
To Specific Track
Delivery Time: 10 Day

7000 LR Mix

4500 USA Likes
2500 USA Repost
SC Newbie Plus [Value $8] free
To Specific Track
Delivery Time: 20 Day

10000 LR Mix

6500 USA Likes
3500 USA Repost
SC Basic [Value $18] free
To Specific Track
Delivery Time: 25 Day

Mixing Likes and Repost -LR

Having likes and Repost is an important factor for Ranking and getting RECOGNITION among Soundcloud users. If someone Likes your track, your track will be shown in his Likes section and for Repost is the same. Repost is more effective than Likes because Repost is SHARE to someone’s Profile. His followers may listen or likes your track. Here, you’re getting both LIKES & REPOST in one order.

Why Mixing, If only Repost?

You’ve already learnt REPOST is more effective than LIKES, Right ? But why, “we are suggesting to buy 70% Likes and 30% Repost” It may be the question of many readers. Actually, Soundcloud and other Social Media Platform Likes the STANDARD RATIO of Play and engagements. If you have 5K Plays, You should have at least 80-100 Likes, 30-40 Repost, 5-10 Comments. For this reason, we suggest you add Mixing LR to match engagements Ratio. Otherwise, it will look fake. So, Always try to make Realistic for better result and better success!!
SoundCloud Like and Reposts
  • 100% Unique Engagements. 90% may come from Soundcloud and rest from Facebook- twitter.
  • Most of the profiles come from the USA, UK, Canada, and other Europe Countries.
  • Non Drop everything ! If drops a single Likes/Repost/Comment, You can get replacements free.
  • Attractive- Mostly music related and rest of mass users but mixing with gender Male- female.
  • No Nude engagement. If added, You should Block the user immediately.